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March 3rd, 2019 AquariusCoin $ARCO won the community listing voting round on was founded by no other than the cofouder of the worlds longest standing cryptocurrency exchange Bitstamp, Mr.Damian Merlak. Read the Q&A with the founder on blog. was born and funded in the late 2017 with a successfull ico that brought life to the platform and its native ethereum based erc20 token called $DTR (Dynamic Trading Rights).

The purpouse and core function of $DTR token is to provide a 24/7/365 publicly available audit of daily trading volume.

AquariusCoin $ARCO can be traded on against Bitcoin $BTC.

Development at is simply a thing that cant be ignored and new platform features are being introduced on weekly basics. Just this week cryptocurrency trading on became accesible on the go with the release of mobile trading app for iOS. Android version of the app was published already in early october 2019. is also the worlds first cryptocurrency exchange to offer market making services to all platform users free of charge. To learn more about the Market Making Bot in a series of articles.

Market making botMarket Making Bot FAQMarket Making Bot Tutorial

Last but not least worth mentioning is the fiat gateway, established with a trusted partner and service provider Safello. Platform users can purchase supported cryptocurrencies using credit and debit cards and fiat currencies EUR, GBP, DKK, NOK, SEK, HUF and PLN.

Closing thought: AquariusCoin does not need to be listed on 20plus cryprocurrency exchanges that could just simply vanish in 2020. It only need one trusted, reliable and transparent exchange that will serve the cryptocurrency ecosystem in the decated to come. We belive is the one and we are proud to be listed on

ARCO is now PoW/PoS Scrypt Cryptocurrency

Dear readers after consideration and user feedback we decided to remake ARCO. Bellow you will find new information on ARCO.

Nodes are up and running and there is no premine of the new ARCO.

First block on the ARCO blockchain was mined on 19.2.2016 at 10:54 AM (CET)

Algorithm: Scrypt
Type: PoW/PoS
Coin name: AquariusCoin
Coin abbreviation: ARCO
RPC port: 6206
P2P port: 6205
Block reward: 100 coins
Total coin supply: 42000000 coins
PoS percentage: 6% per year (+ fixed stake reward of 1 ARCO halving every 5 years)
Last PoW block: block 10000
Coinbase maturity: 20 blocks
Target spacing: 64 seconds
Target timespan: 1 block
Transaction confirmations: 3 blocks

Seednodes: (online) (online) (online)

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